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A little bit about myself. Stormie Bledsoe here, I am a wife, a mother of three and a North Dakota native. I was born here in Minot, North Dakota in 1985. My parents moved to Arizona when I was 6 months old and there I was raised by my parents and with my two sisters. Shortly after my high school graduation, I married my high school sweetheart, Greg. Soon after we welcomed our oldest daughter Bella into the world. 18 short months later, our middle son Noah was born. When Noah was 15 months old we made our way back to Minot, North Dakota in 2008. We've endured one of the harshest winters North Dakota has ever seen in 2008 along with a devastating flood in 2011. My husband rebuilt our beautiful home located in the valley with Oak Park in our backyard and we are pleased to say, we are here to stay! Over the course of the last 13 years back in Minot, we have since added a new member to our family, our youngest son Levi. We are surrounded with loved ones in our neighborhood and are active in our church and in our local community, we love Minot, North Dakota. With the love of our community, the people surrounding this area and the desire to grow a great town that we call home, combined with my 10 years of photography experience, I can assure you that I will take extra care in showcasing your property. Minot is an amazing place to live, let's show off our town, with great people, a hard working community and beautiful homes.

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